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Agile Warrior Quarterly

Emily Knowles and Abigail Watson have contributed an article to Agile Warrior Quarterly, the British Army’s intellectual examination of current and emerging threat and opportunities for land capability. Drawing upon the examples of Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia, the article examines the effectiveness of remote warfare. Whilst acknowledging that remote warfare can deliver short-term results, the authors […]

Defining Remote Warfare: Cyber

This briefing adds to the debate by investigating how cyber could fit into traditional understandings of military doctrine and strategy, and therefore how it might fit in with the Remote Warfare Programme’s work on changes in military engagement.

In Afghanistan, more is not the answer

This briefing by Emily Knowles is based on off-the-record military interviews with both international and local Afghan troops between February and March 2017. At the time of press, NATO had just confirmed that the alliance will increase the number of troops in Afghanistan by several thousand. Our analysis supports the fact that a light-footprint approach […]

We need to talk about Yemen

The briefing argues that greater transparency over the UK’s role in the conflict would benefit the government for many domestic reasons, particularly given the levels of public and parliamentary scepticism about arms sales and secret wars.

What British War on Terror?

This briefing by Emily Knowles explores how the UK is using drones, Special Operations Forces (SOF) like the SAS, intelligence assets, and military advisers to tackle groups like ISIS, and why this allows a large number of military operations to fall through cracks in policy designed to scrutinise the use of force. Unlike when the […]