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Le Monde reflected on official UK and French numbers of killed combatants as well as on civcas, and contrasted those with the Airwars study –  zooming in to two alleged incidents involving France.

Also in France, BFM TV discussed numbers of killed combatants as well as civilians in French actions, addressed the state of public reporting in France and spoke of “eloquent numbers from Airwars.

Scoop (NZ) focused on the Danish withdrawal and discussed several Airwars reports in detail.

Phapluat (Vietnam) summarized the main findings of the report.

Trouw (the Netherlands) has published a long article with main focus on (the lack of) Dutch accountability and the big gap between military and public civilian casualty reporting

De Morgen (Belgium) published a shorter article, with a focus on the lack of transparency in Belgium, placing it in the context of the recent Russian accusation that Belgium had killed six civilians.

11.11.11 (NGO, Belgium) praised the report and spoke critically about the need for more transparency in Belgium. It followed with their own recommendations to the federal parliament and government.

Associated Press put out an article internationally, stating the main findings of the report and updating on Mosul (e.g. in New York Times – and many others in the US/Canada, in Spanish by 20minutos and French by Métro Montréal)

Just Security wrote an article with an overview of the report’s recommendations, mainly addressing the question how the US can improve its civilian casualty reporting.

AntiWar also wrote a short article with US-focus, using the Manbij 18 July 2016 incident as an example.

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BBC | 11th January 2016

‘Simple and affordable’ drones could be turned into flying bombs that target nuclear power stations or the prime minister’s car in lone wolf attacks, security experts warn
Daily Mail | 11th January 2016

Terrorists could use drone bombs to attack nuclear power stations, experts warn
The Independent | 11th January 2016

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Wired | 11th January 2016

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Leicester Mercury | 24th March 2015

How Floating Armories Help Guard Cargo Ships From Pirates on High Seas
The Wall Street Journal | 4th February 2015

Control over anti-pirate weapon ships urgently needed, agency warns
The New Zealand Herald | 26th December 2014

Floating arsenals designed to protect shipping from pirates deemed unsafe
The Independent | 21st December 2014

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BBC News | 18th December 2014

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The Independent | 23rd October 2014

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VICE News | 15th September 2014

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The Young Turks | 9th September 2014

Profits Soar As Pentagon Leans On Private Corporations For Special Ops
Mint Press News | 9th September 2014

Murky Special Ops have become corporate bonanza 
The Intercept | 9th September 2014

Trans-Sahel ‘new frontier’ in global counter-terrorism operations
Defence Web | 7th August 2014

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Afghan war costs pile pressure on contractors
Deutche Welle | 2nd June 2014