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Remote Warfare and the Boko Haram Insurgency

This report by Open Briefing examines the effectiveness of the use of remote warfare by the Nigerian government, its regional allies and Western states to counter the threat of Boko Haram. With the rise of Boko Haram, international support to Nigeria and its neighbours has increased, with the US, the UK, France, Russia and China […]

After the Fall: Views from the ground of international military intervention in post-Gadhafi Libya

This report by Libya specialist Alison Pargeter elicits Libyan views on international operations in Libya and analyses the possible effects of such operations on Libya’s longer-term stability. Through interviews with a diverse section of Libyan society, the research paints a detailed picture of how international intervention, both covert and overt, is perceived by Libyans. Foreign […]

We need to talk about Yemen

The briefing argues that greater transparency over the UK’s role in the conflict would benefit the government for many domestic reasons, particularly given the levels of public and parliamentary scepticism about arms sales and secret wars.

Open Briefing Report | The Remote Warfare Digest

Commissioned by the Remote Control project, this digest from Open Briefing covers developments in five key areas of remote warfare: special forces, private military and security companies, unmanned vehicles and autonomous weapon systems, cyber warfare and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. The digest discusses how the level of transparency and oversight of special forces missions is out […]

Yemen: A Battle for the Future

Summary Yemen is embroiled in multiple civil wars, triggered by a long-term decline in oil production, the failure of state-building, strong sub-national identities and internal competition between rival elite networks that comprised the regime of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh. Regional actors are intervening in Yemen’s local wars to support their preferred allies, resulting in […]

Assessing SOF Transparency and Accountability

In this report, commissioned by Remote Control, Dr. Jon Moran, Reader in Security at the University of Leicester, discusses the growth in the use of Special Operations Forces by the UK, US, Australia, and Canada throughout the War on Terror. The report examines why SOF have become so prominent in the tool box of modern […]